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1. Can I add an interactive elements to my content?

  • Jump to website url within an app;
  • Jump to certain page within an issue;
  • Image galleries;
  • audio;
  • Youtube/Vimeo videos;
  • send email/call the phone number from issue's page
  • pop-up text

2. Can I offer subscriptions in my app ?

Yes, by leveraging the Newsstand auto-renewable subscription model, purchasing renewable subscriptions is seamlessly integrated with your app. Subscriptions work in the standard industry accepted process: User purchases a subscription (i.e. 6-month, 1-year) and then all issues added after subscription (including one last published back-issues) become free for the user to download.

3. Can I publish new content daily with Quazarteam.pro ?

Yes, you can add as many issues as you wish, even daily!

4. How long does it take to get my app on the App Store?

Newsstand Apps are typically approved within one to two weeks after submission to Apple

5. What happens if my app is rejected by Apple?

If it is a technical issue, then we will solve it; however, if it is related to your content, then you will have to modify your content to fit the guidelines.

6. Will my app integrate with Apple's Newsstand?

Yes. Any content that is imported into our software, whether it’s a blog, an online magazine, newspaper, or print publication, can be integrated with Apple’s Newsstand.

7. Will my Newsstand app have push notifications?

Yes. Your app can have push notifications.

8. Will My Publication Be Available Internationally?

Yes, quazarteam.pro publishes apps in every International iTunes store. Your App will be available in every major market

9. How often does my app get updated with fixes or new enhancements?

Quazarteam.pro typically does new updates only when we find any major bugs or add many new features. Typically, we offer to paid update your app with new features on a quarterly basis. The cost of update is usually 10-15 percent of regular price. However, if a bug of any type is found, we would make it highest priority to get you app updated.

10. How would I create a dual orientation app? By uploading a vertical and a horizontal PDF?

Quazarteam.pro supports both landscape and portrait views for each page. Depending on how you set up the layout will determine the users experience. By default our apps are tailored to a portrait view with an automatic handling of landscape mode.

11. When I publish my app, do you take a cut?

Unlike many of our competitors, Quazarteam.pro does NOT take any cut from your app sales. The app is published under your own apple developer account and only Apple takes the standard 30% cut from an app sale, or any in-app purchases such as subscriptions or individual issues.

12. Once my app is published, can I add further issues and how long does it take to distribute to all my readers?

Once your app is on the Apple App Store or Newsstand, and you add additional issues. However, please keep in mind that if your issue is a paid issue it would require submission as an in-app-purchase to Apple and therefore require an approval process of about 3 days. Therefore, recommend that when you add new issues you give at least 5 business days before you wish the issue to be accessible to your readers.

13. After my app is published, can I make updates to the hotspots and interactions?

This is the beauty of digital edition. You are free to make as many changes or additions as you want to hotspots or interactions. For example, you can add further embedded videos or photo galleries, even after your app is published and the changes are distributed immediately to all your readers.

14. Can I upload back issues?

Yes, you can upload up to 48 back issues. If you wish to add more — please, call us for a quote.

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